Talent Acquisition

No in-house HR? No problem.

We offer on-demand  talent acquisition services.

Outsourced Recruiting Services

We know what it takes to find new talent and we stay abreast of the many changes in the hiring market. 

While there are a myriad of steps to recruiting a new employee, our process typically looks like this:

1. Job Description

The job description for your open role serves as an advertisement! It should highlight all the great things about your company and explain why someone would want to work there.

It should provide enough detail to identify who would be a great fit, but not so much that it bores. We'll optimize your job description accordingly - or start a new one if needed.

2. Recruitment Strategy

To find potential matches for your role, we use a combination of job advertisements, resume databases, traditional head-hunting, and our own candidate database.

We'll develop a strategy that makes the most sense for the type of role and your timeline.

3. Rapid Applicant Review

The best response rate from applicants is achieved when they receive a message or call within 1-2 days of their initial application.

We review every application with real eyes (not a robot) and reach out to incoming applicants typically the same day or next day.

4. Phone Screens

Your time is valuable. We phone screen every applicant before presenting them for your review.

Typical screenings will review and confirm the applicant's minimum qualifications, timeline, availability, location, salary requirements, and interest level in the role.

5. Interviews

If one of our screened applicants looks like a good fit, the next step is an interview with you and your team.

We'll assist in scheduling candidate interviews accordingly.

We request feedback after each interview, so we can better learn what qualities make a good match for the role.

6. Negotiations

You've narrowed down the candidates and found the one who's just right for your team! Now it's time to make an offer.

We can help you draft a formal offer letter and can also assist in negotiations to integrate a neutral 3rd party, if desired.

What's Next?

Our outsourced recruiting services are on demand.

Contact us to discuss your open positions.  We can get started recruiting for your new hires right away.

"Quality Results that Make a Difference"

Wise Fox Solutions has been an affordable, QUALITY resource for talent acquisition with outstanding candidate results. Compared to other recruiting firms, Sara took the time to understand our business needs and access quality candidates.